About us

Business mission


As s complete system supplier, Peges is able to offer a cost effective solution for our customers in the expansive industry around the world.

Peges are specialized in the design and manufacturing of vehicle cabins, drivers cabins and have experience in developing cabs with focus on best environment and function for the driver, futuristic design and use of materials with environmentally friendly materials.

Constructing a cab, driver cab, requires not only technical expertise of our designers, but also manufacturing experience to achieve goal of first class vehicle cab at the best possible price.

Our cabs, cabins are mounted on many different types of vehicles such as trucks, forest harvesting machines, cranes, agricultural machinery etc. all with different demands when it comes to accessories like; heaters, ventilation, air conditioning, wipers, seats, wind screens etc.

For many cab applications we perform test like destructive test to identify cabin design to withstand crash, “rollover” and falling objects according to established standards.

Peges are equipped with modern machinery and production management system and our TPS, Toyota Production System, in order to take on the responsibility to produce drivers cabins with future sustainability.

Our staff have an attitude to drive the process of continuously improvement and quality of manufactured cabs forward to our common goal: satisfied customers.